Faculty of Christian Art History and Theory

The Faculty of Christian Art History and Theory of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary conducts a four-year course of Christian Art History and Theory, assigned for the attainment of the academic Bachelor’s degree within the framework of the first stage curriculum of the Christian Art History and Theory.
The title of the curriculum is Christian Art History and Theory.
The objective of the Baccalaureate curriculum of Christian Art History and Theory is to help increase the number of professionals working in this field. This goal can be attained by rooting the work in the tradition which already exists in the Theological Academy and Seminary, by applying an interdisciplinary method to the entire work, by using theological knowledge and by accentuating the teaching of Christian art. The students will be equipped with fundamental knowledge in theology and in main specialties of contemporary art and that of the historical past with the help of foremost professionals of these fields with the help of combining multisided theoretical and practical components of teaching; the faculty will create a relevant basis of knowledge for the furtherance of the students’ education in the history and theory of theological and art specialties; it will display to them the significance of theological essence in the formation of the artistic “language” of medieval art. The faculty accentuates the evolution of Georgian art and its features against the chronological-regional backdrop of world art and delivers the subjects of separate specialties on the basis of a broader concept of the study.